New Building Plan and Addition / Alteration of Existing Building

The applicant must submit the new building plan or any addition / alteration in the existing building plan before commencement of construction activities. Building Plan needs to comply with the building Bye-laws. Building Plan is documented in the form of drawing, indicating the detailed information of building design including Building Form, Materials and Specification, Standards etc.

The Building Permission Department of BMC/BDA is responsible for issuing the necessary approvals and certificates for all kinds of buildings i.e. new, old and regularized.

Building plan application covers the complete lifecycle of the Building Plan Approval Process starting from accepting the citizen’s application, approval/rejection of application to the generation of the sanction/refusal license etc. The BMC/BDA has made it convenient for the applicants to get the approval of new building plan, addition / alteration in the existing plan and regularization if the plan is prepared according to the rules and regulations.