Renewal/Revalidation and Occupancy Certificate

Renewal and Revalidation

After sanction of building plan, in case the construction could not be started within three years or has been started but could not be completed within the stipulated time period, the owner/ applicant apply for the Renewal and Revalidation of building plans before the sanction has been lapsed simply by submitting fee for the proposed covered area requested for Renewal and Re-validation. The building plan has been automatically considered valid from the date of submission of Renewal and Revalidation fee. After the concerned processing official processes the application and grants the approval then the Renewal and Revalidation letter is printed for the allottee.

Occupancy Certificate

The BMC/BDA accepts the online application for Building Occupancy Certificate. The Applicant submit an application after completion of construction of building and upload the following documents:

  • Building completion notice to be certified by the Architect, Structural Engineer, Builder / Developer and Owner.
  • Photographs of the building.

The Technical Officer conducts the site inspection report in online prescribed format duly identifying the deviations if any. After scrutiny, the application forwarded to the higher officials or inspecting officer of BMC/BDA for further processing and hence issue the Occupancy Certificate to the applicant.